Artist Proof

The artist proof is essentially the first satisfactory print that defines when an artist determines a plate 'finished' and ready for printing in a full edition.

Artist Proof is the writing duo of Chris Pattenden and Drew Schapper, coupled with the emotive guitar of Dan East, and the driving bass of Chris Rourke. The band creates cinematic, visually rich music that is deep in emotion, rich in anthemic grandeur and explosive energy. They make no excuse for the fact that they create songs that are genuinely different combining ethereal high vocals, sweeping orchestral swells, epic drums, powerful, emotional piano lines, scorching guitar licks, and thumping bass lines.

They wear their influences on their sleeves, but use bands such as Queen, Pink Floyd, David Bowie and Muse as constant sources of inspiration, rather than relics to be plundered, ripped-off and repackaged.

The band pours their hearts and souls into Artist Proof and care deeply that people get to share in what they create. We personally invite you to open your ears to something that is genuinely new, a sound that is steeped in the purity and traditions of the past but taken in strange and exciting directions. To come and share something we all have in common: the love of music. Enjoy.